John J. De Santis, Member BJD Enterprises, LLC

We formed our investment group in 2000 specifically to take advantage of real estate investment opportunities in the Southern New Jersey marketplace. Not only was our initial foray as a group with David Waronker, but so was our second investment. During our three year relationship, David’s communication with us has been thorough and forthright. He has always made himself readily available and has been quick to respond to any inquiry we may have. As a result we believe that we have forged a life long commitment to participate with David and his vision. In that vein we have expanded our initial investment plan to include ventures with David in Florida and nationally via USALANDSALE.COM. We couldn’t be more pleased with not only the financial rewards of our relationship, but also with the personal bonds that we have built with no finer gentleman and upstanding community stalwart than David Waronker.