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David Waronker
CBD Real Estate Investment LLC
1420 Celebration Boulevard, Suite 200, Celebration, FL 34747

CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC., one of New Jersey and Florida’s largest private land development companies, is looking to acquire in both States for immediate purchase. Our specific areas of concentration in New Jersey include Southern New Jersey, and as well we are interested in Eastern Pennsylvania. In Florida, CBD is looking to acquire large tracts of land for the most part in south central and southwest Florida. CBD is looking to purchase individual building lots suitable for development of single and multi-family housing throughout the State of Florida. In addition, in 2005 CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. will be expanding into the Phoenix area of Arizona. CBD will be looking to develop at least 2000 housing units in the Phoenix area during 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

We primarily look for land suitable for development of single and multi family housing. Land should be located near public water and sewer, and should be zoned to allow for a minimum of fifty building lots. CBD carefully looks at New Jersey’s State Plan for Development in order to preferably acquire land which is located in growth tiers (land which are located near major infrastructure, including highways, sewer, water, etc.) CBD is also cognizant of the New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan, and strives to acquire land, develop communities, in accordance with proper direction from the State of New Jersey and its overall Master Plan for Development.

We are extremely quick purchasers, and have the ability to close on the correct property with cash within thirty days. We buy land either raw, or approved for development. We are especially interested in “in fill” development sites, which may be small parcels of land where an adequate density of homes could be developed. New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Florida are primary areas of interest. We will also consider reasonably priced land located in Delaware, and North Carolina.

In addition, CBD Real Estate Investment is interested in acquiring waterfront, or water view properties, located along the New Jersey shoreline. Specifically, the areas of Long Beach Island, Ocean County, are of major interest to our organization. We will buy existing lots, or “tear down homes”, and we have the financial ability to close immediately on real estate development opportunities along the Jersey Shore.

Our goal for 2005 and into the next five years would be to develop and minimum of 3,000 housing units per year in the State of Florida. Our areas of interest in Florida are far wider than that of New Jersey. We would expect to be able to acquire – and sell – at least two large tracts of development per month for the next five years. If you have an interest in selling, please complete to the best of your ability the enclosed land questionnaire, or contact David Waronker at CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. at 407-566-2671.