Current Projects

The Ranches at Lake McLeod

The “Ranches at Lake McLeod” is a 288-acre development located on the north and south side of Bomber Road in the City of Eagle Lake, Polk County13 Florida.

The site will be the future location of 1178 single-family detached building lots. The lots will range in size from 40-65 feet in frontage. The development is broken down into four separate Ranches. North Ranch, located between Bomber Road and Lake McLeod, will have approximately 156 lots and will also be the location for the development’s main amenity center. The amenity center will include a large state of the art fitness and exercise facility, pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, bocce ball courts as well as a boat ramp and fishing pier. The West, Central and East Ranches will collectively total 933 lots and will have five separate smaller recreation facilities including dog parks, jungle gyms, ball fields and park benches. East Ranch will have its own open/green space.

The site was recently annexed into the City of Eagle Lake. The land is currently going through zoning and site plan approval. The first section is expected to be ready for development by the fourth quarter 2020.

400 Scale

The Landings at Eagle Lake

CBD and its investors formed the LLC known as “The Landings at Eagle Lake Investors, LLC”. This company entered into an agreement of sale and co-development agreement with its property owners David and Terry Puentes, the goal of which is to develop this 22 acre property located in the city of Eagle Lake, Florida, into 77 single family homes. To date, the property is currently going through zoning and site plan approval. The lots are proposed to have a minimum of 70 foot frontage and 120 feet in depth. The property is anticipated to be ready for development by the first quarter of 2020.


Trotter’s Crossing

In September 2018, CBD and its investors entered into an agreement of sale to purchase 30 acres of agricultural land located off of State Highway 301 and just north of Phelps Road, in Zephyrhills, Florida. CBD formed an investment group known as “Trotters Crossing Investors, LLC” to raise necessary capital to acquire and develop this property into 91 single family lots. The lots shall be between 50 to 60 feet in frontage, with a minimum 110 feet of depth. The land is being developed in a “cluster” design, which allows 10 acres of the property to remain in its current undeveloped state. This property is anticipated to be ready for development by the end of the first quarter 2020.


Lake Mabel Loop

In March 2019 CBD entered into an agreement of sale to purchase 65 acres of agricultural land located in the city of Dundee, Polk County, FL. This property is currently owned by the Feek family.
Previously, in 2008, this property was known as Phases III, IV, and V, of a prior DRI (Development of Regional Impact) for 266 single family lots.
Today, CBD will be seeking approvals for approximately 204 single family homes. Two plans have been attached, as CBD is considering alternative possibilities.
The property is scheduled to be ready for development by the third quarter of 2020.

Mabel Loop jpg

Covered Bridge at Liberty Bluff 

This is 68 upland acres on the SE corner of 30th St and Robinson St. in Haines City. In 2019, CBD is in the process of obtaining approvals for 256 single family lots sized at a minimum of 52 x 110 feet. This project is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2019. Water and sewer are to the site. A developer agreement is in place. The address is 3010 E Robinson Dr, Haines City, FL. 33844. Priced at $20,000/unit.

Liberty Bluff - Plan 2Liberty Bluff - Plan 1

Bonnie’s Landing 

Bonnie’s landing is 88 acres of agricultural land located at the intersection of 30th street, Robinson Road, and Grace Avenue, in Haines City, FL. The property is across 30th street, from the Haines City Senior High School. In 2015, this property was approved for 1,152 apartment units. In January 2019, CBD applied to amend the zoning via a revised master plan unit development (MPUD) for 297 single family homes.
Each lot will have a minimum of 50 feet of frontage, and 110 feet of depth. This site sits between a new development being built by Cassidy Homes and the current Feltram Project known as Tarpand Bay. Lots are expected to be priced at $20,000 per lot.
This property is anticipated to be ready for development by the fourth quarter 2019.

Bonnies Landing - Site Plan 1Bonnies Landing - Site Plan 2

District at Abbott’s Square

The District at Abbott’s Square is a planned master development of proposed single family detached townhomes, duplexes and single family homes located off of Simons Road in Zephyrhills, Pasco County, Florida.
This 174.5 acre parcel is mostly farmland, with approximately 40 acres of wetlands and natural water features which will be retained post construction. The land is currently under agricultural assessment and is being farmed for hay and also cattle grazing. The land is a combination of multiple properties under two separate ownership groups all managed and owned by CBD Real Estate Investment LLC of Celebration Florida.
The property was originally approved in 2015 for 1,300 multi family housing units. However, CBD and its various partners have entered into an agreement of sale with Lennar homes to buy the property subject to the approvals for a single family and multi-family for sale development. With the approval schedule, this project should break ground by March of 2020.

Abbot Square Site Plan

Washington Station

This is a property of 126 acres located between Mill Pond Road and Nunn Avenue, in Warren County, NJ. In November 2018, CBD entered into a settlement agreement with Washington Borough, regarding the future use and development of the property. This settlement related to CBD’s intervention in Washington Burough’s affordable housing case. As part of the settlement, Washington Burrough will be purchasing 80 acres of this property through the State Green Acres Program. 10 of the remaining acres are to be sold for the expansion of the existing Washington Cemetery Group. CBD has plans to develop the remaining 30 acres for approximately 50 single family lots. Priced at $40,000 per undeveloped lot.

Washington Station Site Plan

Little Pond

This property is located at 1110 Chews Landing Road in Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ. The site was originally considered for a proposed 204 rental units; however, CBD is attempting to work with Gloucester township to create a more palatable development plan. One of the plans is to develop half of the property, 80 units, as for sale townhomes, and develop the remaining land for approximately 24,000 square feet of retail space. The site plan below shows the site plan for this proposal. For information regarding Little Pond, please contact David Waronker at

Little Pond Site Plan

Pretty Pond

CBD and its investors, known as Pretty Pond Investors, LLC, entered into an agreement of sale to purchase 12 acres of land at the intersection of Wire Road and Pretty Pond Road in Zephyrhills, Florida on March 15, 2015. The property was purchased from Diocese Of St Petersburg. The property is currently going through zoning and site plan approval for 211 rental apartment units, and is anticipated to be ready for development by the fourth quarter of 2019.

Pretty Pond Site Plan

Liberty Bluff

This is 18 acres on the south side of Hinson Ave at Powerline Road in Haines City. It is re-zoned to MPUD and site plan approved for 245 apartment units of 3 stories walk up. Water and sewer are to the site. The address nearby is 4355 – 4909 Hinson Ave, Haines City, FL 33844. Priced at $10,000/unit or $2,450,000.

liberty bluff.jpg