Elizabeth Rodriguez, Elizabeth Rodriguez & Associates, Inc.

My company, Elizabeth Rodriguez & Associates, Inc., acts as traffic consultant to CBD on land development projects.

In my dealings with CBD, I have found the entire team to be friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The team is able to coordinate multiple projects that are at different stages of development in an efficient and effective manner. Candidly, one reason that CBD is a pleasure to work with is that they pay my invoices electronically the same day that I issue them. Many other developers have to wait until various LLC accounts are funded by their lenders, which delays payment of my invoices. This leads me to believe that CBD is a very financially healthy and robust operation.

Another interesting thing about CBD is that – based upon my 33 years of experience in urban/transportation planning in and around Tampa Bay – I believe that their site selection is very good. They are locating developments in the “hottest” spots in the region, and getting there slightly ahead of the competition.

August 20, 2021