District at Silver Oaks

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THE DISTRICT AT SILVER OAKS                                                          img_3450img_3444


CBD Real Estate Investment LLC announces it has entered into an agreement of sale to purchase its next residential development.


On March 14, 2016, CBD entered into an agremeent to purchase an existing horse farm and veterinarian clinic in Zephyrhills, Florida.  Closing is expecte by the fourth quarter, 2016.

The “District at Silver Oaks” is an approximately 14.25 acres located off of Dean Dairy Road north of Eiland Boulevard Zephyrhills, and east of “Silverado”, Pasco County, Florida.  The land is annexed into the City and has a future land use of Suburban Residential which allows for an overall density of development up to 7.4 units per acre.


CBD proposes a residential community at a density of approximately 4 units per acre and at this density will provide 69 single family lots surrounding one central community park and open space.  This open space will be known as “The District” and will be the location where residents can meet, children can play, dogs can be walked and the neighborhood can call it the central common area   This District will also have a water feature as well as a small kid’s park, Dog Park, and covered terrace.  This site will be serviced by City water and sewer.  Duke Energy is the power provider.


This is a site we target being ready for development by the spring of 2017.  For more information on this future community please contact CBD President David Waronker at dw@gocbd.com.