Developer seeks zoning for 10,000 homes near Lake Nona

Developer seeks zoning for 10,000 homes near Lake Nona

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Dewberry Engineers/Carlsbad Orlando LLC

Developer seeks annexation for homes, offices, retail east of Orlando International

Developer John Brunetti has filed proposals with the city of Orlando for zoning to build up to 10,000 homes and apartments near Lake Nona.

City officials had previously announced that Brunetti’s companies were moving ahead with development plans, but didn’t give specifics on the number of homes anticipated.  The proposed zoning applications are now spelling out those details.

Brunetti’s land is about 4,000 acres in two separate tracts on Orlando’s southeastern limits. The property is east of Orlando International Airport, near the intersection of State Road 528 and 417. The properties are known as the Starwood property and the Vista Park property.

The Vista Park property is already part of the city, but the Starwood property would need to be annexed.

  • Since we will have many more taxpayers with this proposal then we must link a general tax cut for taxpayers as a condition of this being approved! A win win……..but don’t hold your breath, these “elected” officials are here to pick the taxpayers pocket at every turn.


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Development has already been envisioned for both properties in the past. Thousands of homes and apartments were planned for the Vista Park property in 2004. But those plans were postponed, partly due to discoveries of buried explosives from a World War II-era bombing range, the Pinecastle Jeep Range. Brunetti and the city have plans for a thorough cleanup of the area using magnetic imaging and other technology.

Here’s the breakdown according to the new plans:

–Vista Park: 3,300 homes, 1,000 apartments

–Starwood: 4,400 homes, 2,000 apartments, 140,000 square feet of office space, 150,000 square feet of retail, and 150,000 square feet of industrial use.

Orlando officials and a South Florida businessman are pursuing plans for a pair of new residential developments, dubbed Vista Park and Starwood, that would combine to fill about 4,000 acres near Lake Nona.

(City of Orlando)

Brunetti, known as the owner of Hialeah Park race track, and his attorneys have said he owns the property through limited liability companies. The owner of the Vista Park property is Mockingbird Orlando LLC, which includes Robert Yeager of Orlando-based Sullivan Properties as a member, according to state records. The Starwood Property includes ownership by Carlsbad Orlando LLC, Hugh M. Palmer, and Florida Gas Transmission  Company LLC, according to the request for annexation.

Both requests are being handled by attorney Miranda Fitzgerald of Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed.

The zoning and annexation requests are scheduled to be considered by the Municipal Planning Board at 8:30 a.m. on Oct. 20 at City Hall.

The developer’s request for annexing the Starwood property says it  “will help the City achieve its objective of being able to accommodate its projected resident population of 332,982 by the year 2030 in a manner that allows for efficient, orderly economic growth in the newest  urbanizing area.”

The Vista Park request says the developer anticipates that the county landfill site will be capped and closed and that its surrounding 28.5 acres “would  be an appropriate  location  for a regional active park, if acceptable to the City, once FDEP confirms that the site is in compliance with the applicable capping and closure regulations.”