3/14/06 – Houstonians Savor Auction Treasures…Set Sights on Orlando and Atlanta

Published March 14, 2006


Celebration, FL — On Saturday, March 11, 2006, USALANDSALE.COM, LLC wrapped up its most recent National Land Sale Auction at the Marriott Greenpoint Hotel in Houston, Texas. A cautious, savvy crowd watched, bid, and bought building lots and land from Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas.

The bidders in attendance competed with over 130 registered on line bidders who bid from home or work during the simulcast auction via the internet on eBay “Live Auction.” The internet allowed bidders to participate in the auction, and bid they did. USALANDSALE.COM received bids from as far away as Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and South America. One bidder, Chris Calderbank from Mount Laurel, NJ successfully bid on a small Texas Ranch and two building lots in Central Florida. “I had the opportunity to participate in the USALANDSALE auction in Tampa in person, but could not make it this past weekend to Houston. So, I registered on eBay last week, did my research and bid from home. Luckily I got some pretty good deals”, said Calderbank.

Lauren Saadi of Medford, NJ, also bid on line and although she did not win any parcels, she said that she intended to participate either over the internet or in person at the next USALANDSALE auction in Florida or Georgia. “They had some really good properties for sale, especially the land in the Southeastern United States. I should have bid higher, but got cold feet. Now I realize I have to be a little more aggressive at the next auction” says Saadi.

James Paul of Weston, Pa flew to Houston to visit friends, and registered ½ hour before the start of the auction, and walked home with the first purchase of the day, a ¼ acre lot on the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Says Paul, “I came to Houston to see some friends, and made quite a few new ones with the staff of USALANDSALE.COM. I had no intention of buying land, but the deals were just too good to pass. The knowledgeable staff explained to me everything I needed to know about bidding and buying. The paperwork was easy to sign. From the time I bid, I paid for and closed my parcel in twenty minutes. What a great souvenir I get to bring back home from my weekend in Houston!”

USALANDSALE.COM is a Celebration, Florida based National Real Estate Bank that acquires building lots and land from across the United States at wholesale prices. The privately held company with their large buying power owns over 1000 real estate parcels at any given time and sells their assets monthly at various locations across the USA at absolute auction. Last year USALANDSALE.COM sold over 1800 parcels of land. They expect to sell 4000 properties in 2006. The next auction will be on “April 23, 2006” at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida. In May USALANDSALE.COM will host an auction in Atlanta Georgia.

Depending on location, the company tries to sell approximately 40% of the auction properties in areas within 150 miles from the auction location. Says Company President Mark Goitein, “We try to have most of the properties at auction located regionally to the auction site. For our Houston auction, most of our properties were from Texas, Arizona, and the Midwest and southeast. Our Miami auction had 80% of our assets from Florida, and the southern states. We try to sell what the local buyers want, land close to home. But, as many of our buyers follow us across the USA, we always have assets from distant locations to satisfy the palate of all bidders in attendance.” Company executive Taylor Hall, Director of Land Acquisitions states that the company always looks to acquire land in the fastest growing areas of the country. Says Hall, “New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and most southern states are where we see most of the interest from our customers. We try to buy 80% of our inventory from these states. We buy land in all 50 states, and listen to our customers and try to find land where they want it. We have a buyer who only buys land in North Dakota. She has bought 20 parcels of land from us over the past two years.”

David Waronker, Vice President and Founder of USALANDSALE.COM states “People who never thought they could ever afford to buy real estate are our most favorite customers. It is so rewarding to see people who never bought real estate come to our auctions, bid on land, if needed take our guaranteed on the spot financing, and instantly become land owners. The excitement on the buyer’s faces is beyond description. We start them off on their path to financial success. We make believers out of everyone who buys at our auctions.” Jackie Wilson attended her first USALANDSALE.COM auction two years ago. The Arizona resident bought a building lot in Florida for $500. In three months she resold that same lot for $14,500. She used most of her profits to put a down payment on a home in Davenport, Polk County, Florida. She reinvested the balance of her profits in seven more properties. Last month she bought a luxury condo in Scottsdale, Arizona, and attends every one of USALANDSALE’S auction events. “Before I bought my first property I had large credit card bills, a home in New Jersey worth less than the mortgage balance, and I worked days cleaning houses and nights for UPS. Today I work when I want to work, and invest my money in buying and selling land. There is no gimmick. Anyone can buy from USALANDSALE.COM. I know what people think, “this never would happen to me”, but it does and it is so easy it is scary”, says Wilson. She and her husband, Murph, plan to quit their jobs and become full time real estate investors and speculators.

Interested investors small and large can learn more about the real estate opportunities and can obtain information on all future USALANDSALE.COM auctions by visiting the website at http://www.usalandsale.com, or by calling the office at 407-566-9797. USALANDSALE.COM has two planned auctions in April and May in Florida and Georgia

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