Real Estate Investments

CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. builds synergistic limited partnerships, and limited liability companies with various individuals, corporations, and other entities that wish to actively and/or passively participate in real estate development investments.

A professional firm with a proven track record for creating wealth, CBD, at any one time, has over twenty different real estate development projects in various stages of development in Eastern Pennsylvania and throughout New Jersey. Many of these investments offer an investor an opportunity to put their money to work for them either individually, or in partnerships with other interested investors. During the year 2000 CBD Real Estate Investment had expanded its development opportunities to include land acquisitions, and investments in real estate in the State of Florida.

Many of our real estate investments require investor capitol of between $50,000.00, up to $2,000,000.00 per investor. Due to the confidential nature of these projects, potential investors are requested to contact David Waronker at CBD directly at

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