Corporate Information

CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. was established as a multifaceted real estate organization, serving the needs of builders, private investors, developers, and homebuyers.

The organization’s main operations are in land acquisition, having established a respected reputation for their specialized ability to move all land through the approval process in the State of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, in the State Of Florida and now in the Phoenix, Arizona.

To date, CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. has developed over fifty major tracts of land in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC., had entered the State of Florida and is currently under construction to develop fifty large multifamily projects in the south central part of the state, and is in its infancy in the State of Arizona. CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. has created over 50 million dollars in new wealth for their investor groups, and serviced the needs of area builders and developers with both commercial and residential land opportunities.


The governmental approval procedure can take two to five years and add 35% to the cost of the final home. CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. partners and affiliates are always looking to simplify this process and thereby reduce the cost of housing to the homebuyers. CBD is known for their hands on participation at all stages of development and construction. They start with the challenging approval process, which begins with planning the streets and cul-de-sacs, open spaces, play areas, the installation of utilities and the footprint where each home will be placed within the community. Then comes the architectural design of the homes floor plan, layout and its exterior’s elevation, while insuring that construction will result in energy efficient housing for today’s lifestyles. CBD is there to assist the buyer in facing the final house selections including the color, appliances, mortgage application processing, right up to the closing table. CBD Real Estate Investment will be there to assist you at all times. The trained sales staff force will help in making the experience of buying a home or piece of land an easy and fun adventure.

The company believes in giving back to the community. In one of CBD’s recent developments they have donated $1,400,000 in of real estate land to Mt. Laurel in creating additional green acres and open space. CBD has donated over $900,000 in cash to various communities in New Jersey, where it has constructed homes, including Fieldsboro, Edgewater Park, Mt. Laurel Township, Evesham Township, Medford Township, Southampton Township, East Greenwich Township, Harrison Township, Glassboro, Pine Hill Borough, and the Long Beach Island.

CBD also has strong affiliations with the Children’s Miracle Network, the American Cancer Society, the Sunshine Foundation, and the Sunshine Foundation’s Make A Wish Fund. In addition, CBD assisted the Camden County Chapter of the Girl Scout’s of America as they made substantial economic and non-economic improvements to their summer camp located in Medford, New Jersey.

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