CBD has gone to Arizona

CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. is looking to expand its real estate investment and development projects to the Phoenix area of Arizona. Specifically, Pima, Pinal, and Maricopa Counties are targeted areas for CBD’s immediate and future planned developments. CBD Real Estate Investment is about to enter into an Agreement of Sale to purchase three separate parcels of land each in excess of 100 acres where it will plan to develop approximately 564 single family housing units. It is also expected that by 2006 CBD will open its first real estate office on the West Coast.

CBD is looking for the Arizona brokerage community to bring to its attention as many development opportunities as possible. CBD will protect any broker with regard to any assets they bring to the attention of CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. CBD is also willing to pay any realtor a finder’s fee provided the broker’s arrangement is established prior to CBD receiving information on any particular property’s availability.

For more information regarding the status of this project, please fell free to contact David Waronker at dw@gocbd.com.

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