CBD Real Estate Investment, LLC. periodically arranges private capital for developers and builders throughout the state of Florida who are interested in building residential housing for sale or for rent communities. We arrange, on a participative basis, financing for the acquisition, development, and construction of single and multifamily housing in our primary construction areas which include Central Florida and Southern New Jersey.  We have the ability to finance anywhere from one building lot, up to several hundred building lots.

In addition, for our many planned housing communities, most of the assets we sell – be it a vacant lot to a master planned community, we have creative ways to provide in many occasions up to 100% Seller financing.  We understand the recent recession has cause many individuals as well as major developers and builders to lose their financing options.  Since 2009 CBD has provided private financing for the many individuals and businesses that have traditionally good credit yet that credit was compromised due to the collapse of the global economy.  Unlike a bank, we understand that good people suffered in those hard times, and, today deserve the opportunity to reinvest in real estate, to once again buy land and invest in the American Dream.  We hear you, we can help.

If you have specific financing needs which you wish to bring to our attention, I Respectfully request that you please contact David Waronker directly at